Vessel performance analysis systems

Systems and concepts can put you ahead of others and make your operations smarter and better. Whether you are an operator, manager or owner you all have data but very few analyse it in depth and transform it into information. Leave that to us because this is what our specialty is and we can prove you that with minimum investment you can increase the efficiency of your fleet, have better and reliable operation and will be provided with sensible information and recommendations each and every time this is required. We don’t do monthly review but daily monitoring and we review all of the information with our experts.

Results are better efficiency of your team, monitoring of your fleet and most importantly your clients. This process is totally automated and collecting data from data logger every minute. Slides as extract from software for your initial view and understanding

We drill down it down into three major topics: engine operation, navigation handling and hull condition. For each of these categories we provide detailed in depth analysis of the vessels and their handling as to understand and provide sensible and practicable solutions.

Here are pictures below to show the process of what we do: