We are co operating with following Partners :

Grex Ltd – manufacturers of hardware and Marine Torque meters and data loggers .First class and reputable maker who is developing in collaboration with Citrine Marine vessel performance tools

Jot Solutions – ERP maker who developed high standard and easy for operation ERP platform which includes Crewing ,Marine ,HSEQ ,Operations ,PMS,Technical ,Travel ,Accounts ,Survey and Certification and clients portal .This is the simplest and yet top quality ERP which has mobile app and reducing the time required for management and operations of the vessels

Rhine Export – most reputable second hand spare parts vendor which also can provide brand new spares from Alpha Laval India .Second hand crankshaft ,navigation equipment ,engines complete and any major part recycled and preserved in best engineering practices manner

Shin Jung TMS Co – Korean engineering company specialized into ballast water and installations.Major representative for OEM products and spare parts for Korean and Japanese manufacturers

Valad – digitization company specializing in data base ,drawings scanning and digital transformations

Various Crew Manning agencies Worldwide

Major Chinese ,Turkish and European Shipyard