Electronic Components

We have hired a team of PLC engineers who are able to programme and make custom PLC for your specific needs. Our engineers are very experienced and can support with ship automation in more difficult situations which you may not be able to handle. Additionally, we are able to offer reconditioning services for PLC and various electronic components. We are able to source PLC and electronic components directly from actual manufacturers to make sure that what you are receiving is the best for you. 

Marine monitors are yet another thing we can offer which can produce custom made specifications. The best quality complete Insulation Resistance monitors and an Isolated Power supply unit can be offered too. We support all Main Operating Panel for Engine Control, Tacho Signal Amplifier and Data Acquisition Unit-11. Each unit is delivered with an embedded software and a setting value for vessel specific installation Engine Control Cabinet for ME Engine ECC-1 for ECU, ACU and SCU with MPC ECC-2 for CCU with MPC/MPC-10.